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Kinesiology & Recreation


Nicky Wu

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Kinesiology & Recreation


The world of marketing is evolving with new technology and more sustainable formats. Getting an event's message to the target audience is challenging because there are many weekly events from athletics, festivals, special events, and club meetings in a university setting. The study examines the 2022 Adaptapalooza because it matches the university's core values of diversity and inclusion. Adaptapalooza promotes these core values by offering adapted recreation activities, including wheelchair basketball, sitting volleyball, adaptive climbing, and virtual reality (VR). The event was given a $4,000 marketing budget from the Diversity, Equity, Belongingness, and Inclusion (DEBI) grant. With the grant, the event hired a marketing team of ISU students and employed various marketing strategies such as social media marketing, event promotions on digital screens, flyers, post-card invitations, news articles, emails, and announcements. Four social media formats are Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter. The event promotion was posted on digital screens at high-traffic areas such as McCormick Hall, Student Fitness Center, residence halls, dining halls, and the Student Bone Center. The event flyers are posted throughout McCormick Hall, residence halls, and other departments. Postcard invitations are delivered to selected faculty and staff whose job responsibilities are aligned with diversity, equity, belongingness, and inclusion. Lastly, emails/announcements are delivered from professors and advisors to students with possible extra credits offered to encourage participation. The purpose of the study is to examine key indicators of the marketing effectiveness in promoting Adaptapalooza. The study will examine several social media marketing performance indicators such as post likes, followers, and interaction. Another measure used is the activity-based costing of these marketing tools. The study will analyze the cost-effectiveness of each tool and cross-examine with the data derived from the post-event survey. Lastly, the marketing tools will cross-examine with the event satisfaction questions such as willing's to recommend and return and overall level of satisfaction in the post-event survey. Through this data, one or more marketing tools will be recommended to various university marketing teams and departments to get their message across to members of Illinois State University, including future Adaptapalooza and other events.

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