The Green Revolving Fund Challenge: A Case Study

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Jin Jo

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In 2016, Illinois State University spent a combined 10,387,500 dollars on electricity, gas, and water. This value is projected to increase by almost 6% or 600,000 dollars. According to Illinois State University's master plan, the university must become more sustainable and efficient with its resource usage. A Green Revolving Fund (GRF) is one of the best ways to reduce resource costs and increase revenue in the long term. By designing projects and simulating return on investments, we determined how a Green Revolving Fund fits Illinois State University. By doing a comparative analysis to schools with an established GRF and similar endowment, we are able to tailor a GRF specifically to Illinois State's needs and maximize effectiveness. With a structure recommended, potential fund projects are exemplified. Utilizing past Renewable Energy capstone projects also gives us a large pool of projects to work with. We have access to hundreds of capstone research projects to bolster our simulation capacity. A financial analysis of the projects are then conducted to determine cost, benefits, and payback period. The GRF, once implemented, is extremely effective at cutting energy costs, water usage, and gas usage.


Allen-undergraduate, Tomaszewski-undergraduate, Galiardo-undergraduate

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