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Dr. Isaac Chang

Mentor Department



In collaboration with a prominent insurance company, we are developing an immersive, virtual reality (VR)-based driving simulator that can assess and analyze the driving habits of young drivers. Ensuring that this system is an effective tool for teen drivers requires the validation of its functionality. The validation process will involve the assessment of a driver utilizing a simulated environment and a route plan for standardized examination. The user will engage in multiple maneuvers and driving scenarios in the simulation, reflecting real- world situations and criteria on the “on-road examination” by Illinois’s Driver Test.

For this purpose, simulation data, including the virtual environment’s telematics (e.g., speed, torque, deceleration) and driving behaviors, will be collected. Combined with observations, the collected data will help validate the system's ability to reflect driving behaviors accurately. Our framework for validation will be based on the correlation between the proposed models and real-life driving situations. Once validated, this VR-based driver training program will boost the learning process for teen drivers and expand the potential use cases in low-risk training environments.

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