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Illinois State University has known five libraries in its 160-year history. From its humble origins in a 160-square foot space carved out from an entryway, to its current six-floor site, each library has offered improvements over its predecessor. Each location seeking to anticipate and accommodate the changing needs of its students through improved services, collections, facilities and technology. We owe our student-centered philosophy to the University’s first fulltime librarian, Ange. V. Milner. Over the course of Milner’s nearly 40-year career, she created a library integrated into the curriculum and research needs of the University. The ideals she held and practices she introduced have served as a model to successive generations of librarians. This exhibit offers a glimpse into Milner’s forward-thinking initiatives that laid the foundation for today’s library named in her honor.

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Serving Students: A Legacy of Milner’s Library (1 panel)