The Integration of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in to the Discipline of Sociology

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Despite decades of sociology scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) research, integration of SoTL in sociology remains insufficient. First, some reasons for the insufficient integration of SoTL in the discipline are noted, and the foci of publications on the history and status of the SoTL in sociology are briefly summarized. Literature related to three questions about the integration of SoTL in sociology is then presented: (1) To what degree are theories, methods, and research findings of the discipline used in sociology SoTL? (2) Is there strong disciplinary support and recognition for SoTL and involvement in SoTL in departments and professional organizations? (3) Do sociologists use SoTL findings in the practice of teaching and learning in the discipline? Finally, some existing and new strategies to increase integration are described.


This article was published in Sage Journals: (2017).