The Use of Extracurricular Interdisciplinary Project-Based Teams in Higher Education as a Catalyst for Actionable Knowledge

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The Innovation Consulting Community is an extracurricular, interdisciplinary, project-based professional development experience available at no cost to all students at a large university in the Midwest. Students from across campus and academic levels who volunteer to participate in this noncredit, unpaid experience are formed into teams and consult with organizations under the mentorship of faculty, staff, or experienced practitioners. Prior to beginning their consulting engagements, students must complete background work in design thinking, project management, leadership, conflict resolution, and self-awareness. Additional optional professional development workshops are also offered. In addition to program mechanics, this paper provides feedback from students who participated in the first year of the program and concludes with recommendations on how institutions could develop a similar program.


This article was published in Business Education Innovation Journal: Vol 11, Issue 1. (2019).