The Effects of Guided Notes on Student Learning: Students Share Their Perceptions

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Student Reflections/Perspectives; Course/Classroom Design and Considerations

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Guided notes have been used in a variety of ways to support students as they learn new material within various classroom settings. Historically, guided notes have been studied relative to their impact on student learning, rather than student engagement in the learning process. To that end, this study sought to determine the perceptions of 144 graduate and undergraduate students who used guided notes with regard to their impact upon class participation, reflection on course topics, mastery of course information, and overall note taking preferences. Results indicated that students valued the use of guided notes to serve certain purposes, but seemed to prefer the use of more traditional note taking procedures for others.


This article was published in Perspectives on Issues in Higher Education.(2010). DOI: https://doi.org/10.1044/ihe13.2.58