Perceptions of Science and Technology: A Comparison of Criminal Justice and Traditional Science and Technology Majors

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Student Reflections/Perspectives

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Science, Math, and Technology

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Due to the increased demands for science and technology (S&T) in criminal justice (CJ) occupational preparation and in response to the growing interest of students in forensics, this study explores the attitudes of CJ majors towards S&T. Despite the acknowledgment that S&T skills are helpful in gaining employment, CJ majors reported less favorable attitudes than S&T majors, reporting: less interest in gaining S&T knowledge, fewer social benefits of S&T, and greater concerns that S&T are dangerous to society than traditional forensic science majors. While these findings raise some fundamental questions about the suitability of increased representation of S&T courses within CJ curriculum, authors argue that CJ curricular goals must continue to evolve to foster innovative students who are academically prepared to meet the twenty-first century challenges of their future careers.


This article was published in Journal of Criminal Justice Education. Vol. 24, Issue 2. (2012). DOI: https://doi.org/10.1080/10511253.2012.669771