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Criminal Justice Sciences


Ashley Farmer

Mentor Department

Criminal Justice Sciences


As the Criminal Justice system is continually evolving, there have been many attempts at reforms and alternatives in policing. One specific alternative that has been implemented is the usage of less than lethal weapons. The ideology of less than lethal weapons stemmed from the Cold War in a militaristic setting, but have become much more prevalent in law enforcement in recent years. The influence and effectiveness of less than lethal weapons is crucial to officer and suspect safety. Previous research has been conducted with an emphasis in statistical analysis. However, in this research the aim is to focus more on the personal traits of police officers when being armed with a less than lethal weapon. This will be completed by conducting interviews with various police officers and discussing the effects less than lethal weapons has had on their career. We are anticipating that the interviews will present a better understanding on how police feel on the use of less than lethal weapons, and the struggles that come along with the use of less than lethal weapons.

The Effects Of Less Than Lethal Weapons