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Master of Music (MM)


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Andrea Crimmins


This study explored the effect of percussion and rhythm-based interventions on children with emotional and behavioral goals. Five students from an after-school/summer program were analyzed in a case-study format. The five skills analyzed within this study included those of cooperation with others, remaining on task, refraining from interrupting others, demonstrating pro-social interactions, and remaining with the group. An additional interview was conducted with the children to understand their perception of the interventions and how it affected their social, emotional, and behavioral skills. The students themselves suggested that the music had a positive impact on their behavior and social skills, specifically within the group. In the interview, the researcher learned that the students enjoyed making music together. They were introspective, valued community amongst one another, and advocated for themselves when expressing their emotions. The results of data suggested percussion and rhythm-based strategies may be effective in improving the skills of children with emotional and behavioral goals.


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