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9th Annual CARLI Instruction Showcase

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first year seminar, instruction, library orientation, first year experience, library


First-year seminars (FYS) provide an opportunity for librarians to engage with students early on in their academic careers. Some of these FYS courses might lack formal research or writing assignments, proving challenging for successful library integration. The presenters encountered this scenario during the spring of 2021 with sections of a University Success Skills course. They developed an instruction plan that helps students identify how the library can support them in any class and breaks down the hidden curriculum by exploring a syllabus in depth. The presenters use a syllabus to anchor the content and establish a framework for how the library can contribute to students’ academic success. We deconstruct a sample syllabus into sections-- course readings, academic integrity, exams, and research assignments throughout the session. These sections connect with different library services – course reserves, citation assistance, study space, reference help, and more. The session flows from discussing a portion of the syllabus to highlighting the related library service. Participants that work with first-year seminars or library orientation will find value in this example. This activity can scale into different settings and adjust depending on the local context. The content could adapt into a digital learning object/module as well.


This presentation was given at the 9th Annual CARLI Instruction Showcase, online, May 21, 2021.



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