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Digital humanities, Digital scholarship, pedagogy, teaching


This talk focused on the librarian-led activities for the course Community Engagement Seminar, highlighting collaboration, teaching and learning, outcomes, and other uses of Scalar. This course focused on ways that K-12 school personnel create successful learning environments. Incorporating mapping, data visualization, and digital publishing, we taught students how to use several online tools and create a Scalar book that presented their research. Through a mixture of Zoom instructional sessions and personalized consultations, we helped students use Scalar to collaborate with their group members and build skills to successfully communicate goals, strategies, and outcomes to a broader community.

We also focused on the potential of using Scalar to enhance equity and inclusivity beyond the university classroom.


This presentation was delivered at the 2021 California Conference on Library Instruction: Same, But Different: How 2020 stretched our teaching capabilities and strengthened our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, May 21, 2021.



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