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92nd Annual Meeting of the Music Library Association

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open access, article processing charges, humanities, arts, scholarly communication


We undertook this project to learn more about the Open Access experiences of scholars working outside of the sciences, with an emphasis on any related payments and funding sources. In addition to gaining insight into arts and humanities scholars’ engagement with Open Access publishing, we also seek to tease out some of the intersections of privilege, affiliation, disciplinarity, and publishing that are not yet well-documented in the literature.

In addition, we will consider the significance of our findings for librarians who support scholars in the arts and humanities, including but not limited to collection development implications for subscription journals with an increasing amount of Open Access content, the role of transformative agreements, and library support for reading, publishing, and green Open Access. Open Access publishing that relies on article processing fees also has deep implications for equity, diversity, and inclusion. In this first phase of this project, we consider to some degree how such pay-to-publish models both include and exclude scholars based on linguistic, geographic, socioeconomic, and other elements of identity, but we are hoping to explore this much more in depth with follow-up interviews with scholars next fiscal year.


This presentation was given at the 92nd Meeting of the Music Library Association in St. Louis, Missouri, March 3, 2023.



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