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2024 Music Library Association Annual Meeting

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open access, open educational resources, music librarianship, music theory, textbooks, scholarly communication


Open Access (OA) and Open Educational Resources (OER) present great opportunities to music librarians and the communities they serve. There are nonetheless considerable challenges in understanding the models associated with both and determining how best to approach them at one’s library. This presentation offers an overview of OA and OER landscapes, outlining prominent models and key players, and also provides case studies of an institutional OER incentive program, a collaboration with an institutional Office of Research to support OA, and a comparison of OER and traditional/fee-based textbooks in music theory. By offering an overview and examples of OA and OER in practice, the speakers hope to present a more nuanced picture of these important issues and to encourage attendees to consider what options might best support the needs of their patrons.


This presentation was given virtually at the Annual Meeting of the Music Library Association.



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