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information fluency, program review


With ever increasing misinformation and disinformation, it is more critical than ever for students to critically engage with their information environment. Integrating information fluency learning outcomes into curriculum is one step to ensuring students develop the ability to successfully navigate their information environment while in college and after they graduate. In response to this growing need and to support required elements of the Program Review Process, Milner Library established an initiative to integrate discipline-specific information fluency learning outcomes into departments, schools, and programs across the University.

The program is a cohort model where every academic year, Milner provides a series of four workshops for pairs consisting of the subject librarian and a departmental/school faculty representative. The workshops cover creating broad overarching learning outcomes, determining unique objectives and skills, aligning outcomes through curriculum mapping, and determining assessment strategies.

During this session, panelists will discuss workshop structure and content, share participant experiences with the workshops, post-workshop plans for integrating into specific departmental or school curriculum, and planned next steps of the initiative.

Funding Source

Assessment Initiative Grant; Milner Library


Presentation at the Thriving at Illinois State: The 2024 University Teaching & Learning Symposium



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