Special Edition--CESA Discussion Papers 2019 - 2021

Special Edition

The Commercial Education Society Panel of Australia releases a monthly discussion paper. Established in 1910, CESA is a professional society with the aim of raising and maintaining the standards and level of achievement in commercial education. It recognises achievement in ALL aspects of commercial education, and it has several grades of membership as part of this process. CESA is a member of SIEC-ISBE International.

The monthly discussion papers are research-based; however, they do not undergo external peer review. The International Journal for Business Education editorial board agreed to publish a special issue with the historical (2019 - 2021) discussion papers and to begin publishing the discussion papers on an annual basis in the future. These papers have not gone through the normal peer-review process of the journal and are presented for discussion purposes only.



Reflective Journals
Tony Shannon AM