Clinical writing is a significant component of being an effective speech-language pathologist, yet often clinicians are not formally trained in this area. Limited evidence exists regarding how to address this problem. Within the current study, graduate speech-language pathology students participated in a Clinical Writing Workshop (CWW) specifically aimed at improving self-regulation and critical thinking as demonstrated through professional writing improvement. The CWW consisted of weekly meetings for the course of one academic semester; each meeting targeted a specific clinical writing topic related to style/use (related to self-regulation) and/or content (related to critical thinking). Participants (n = 17) completed the intervention and provided pre- and post-treatment questionnaires, writing samples and interviews to demonstrate change. Results of this mixed methods study indicate that the CWW, and more specifically the use of models, explicit instruction, writing practice, and feedback, positively impacted participants’ self-regulation and critical thinking skills related to clinical writing.