There is limited documentation on interprofessional education (IPE) between graduate speech-language pathology and early intervention/early childhood special education (EI/ECSE) programs. Because collaborative relationships can lead to IPE, this study examined the current state of collaborative relationships between speech-language pathology and EI/ECSE graduate programs and faculty. A mixed-method design was conducted. Closed- and open-ended survey questions were sent to representatives of 266 graduate speech-language pathology programs. There was a 29% (77/266) overall response rate. Out of 77 graduate speech-language pathology programs, 27% (21/77) indicated an emphasis in EI, 17% (13/77) in ECSE, and 14% (11/77) in EI/ECSE combined. Respondents reported collaborative relationships in the forms of shared coursework, clinical experiences, and research. Although some respondents engaged in collaborative relationships, their reported barriers contribute to an instruction-practice gap. Program respondents indicated that collaboration between graduate speech-language pathology and EI/ECSE programs and faculty occurred in a variety of ways.