Given the status of clinical practice and the heavy reliance on technology due to COVID-19, it is important to investigate clinical supervision practices. The purpose of this study was to determine whether immediate feedback using technology was beneficial for a university clinical setting specifically where current supervision of students is undertaken via a virtual platform. The chat function via the Zoom teletherapy platform was used to deliver immediate written feedback to SLP graduate clinicians. Utilizing technology allowed supervisors to provide immediate, in-session written feedback to SLP graduate clinicians. The objective was to investigate the perceptions of immediate feedback for the SLP graduate clinicians and their supervisors. The objective was met through the utilization of surveys at the end of the study which indicated a preference for immediate feedback for both the supervisors and the SLP graduate clinicians. Having the ability to use technology helped supervisors support the SLP graduate clinicians discretely, especially given the nature of remote supervision. Immediate written feedback utilizing technology should be considered as a means of supporting the SLP graduate clinicians in developing their clinical skills.