The purpose of this study is to evaluate speech-language pathology (SLP) students’ understandings of professional issues and ethics related to their own profession and to public health administration and to evaluate SLP students’ perceptions of interdisciplinary learning opportunities. Participants were second-year graduate students pursuing a Master of Arts degree in SLP (N = 24) enrolled in an interdisciplinary professional issues and ethics course. Students completed a pre- and post-test questionnaire regarding their perception of interdisciplinary learning opportunities, and their understanding of public health professions and codes of ethics, SLP code of ethics, and SLP professionals’ impact on other professionals within the workforce. The results suggest that SLP students have a positive attitude towards interdisciplinary learning opportunities before and after a short-term exposure. The results also reveal that students learned more about different professions and their respective codes of ethics. This research reflects the fact that students enrolled in master’s level courses value and learn complex concepts in an interdisciplinary professional issues and ethics course.