Submissions from 2018

Inmate Perceptions of Sexual Assault, Brittany Acquaviva

How Physical Chemistry Students use Metacognition to be Successful in Class, Nick Aiello and Ye Jin Jang

The Effectiveness of Online Professional Development in Promoting Technology Integration in Saudi Arabia, Ayshah Alahmari

The Green Revolving Fund Challenge: A Case Study, Conner Allen, Luke Tomaszewski, and Frankie Galiardo

What are the Values of Both Narcissistic Dimensions?, Kelsey Anello

Formation of Ilf-Like Structures in Hatchlings T. Scripta, Marc Ashford

Comparing Bmi Perception of Self- and Others between Kinesiology and Non-Kinesiology University Students, Dzenita Bahtic

Foster Care Stability and Trauma Informed Care, Gabriel Barta

Solo and the Demonstrative Pronouns in Spanish: Diacritical Accent and the Diachronic Study of its Changes, Gorka Basterretxea Santiso

New Supervised and Unsupervised Machine-Learning Methods on P38 Mapk Longevity Reveals Regulation of Age-Dependent Disease Proteins, Basheer Becerra

Student-Professor Communication and Student Satisfaction, Donna Bennett, Kelly Murphy, and Sara Engstrom

Influence of the Methyl Group in the Electron Spin Distribution in N-Methyl Benzotriazole Anion Radicals, Daniel Beres

Professional Contacts as a Moderator of Risk Factors and Recidivism in the Juvenile Justice System, Kellie Bergschneider

Exploring Nurses’ Perceptions of Adolescent Mothers and Families, Danielle Bess

The Interactions of Sulfur Trioxide with Water Clusters, Samuel Bishop

Pop Culture Fandoms and Kinship, Richard Bledsoe

Why does School Climate Enhance Forgiveness? Hope and Emotion Regulation, Marissa Boolman and Taylor Frye

Does Cognitive Flexibility Training Improve Reading Comprehension for Elementary Students?, Rebecca Bove, DaShae Rodriguez-Harris, Kortne Shott, Emily Fry, and Megan Stevens

Temporal Effects of Heat Waves on Sex Ratios and Gene Expression in a Freshwater Turtle, Anthony Breitenbach

Temperature Influences on the Dynamics of Neuronal Activity, Manuela Burek

To Bob or Not to Bob: Context Dependence of an Antipredator Response in Harvestmen (Arachnida: Opiliones), Austin Calhoun

Reaching Illinois State University's Heating Demand with Bioheat, Timothy Callahan and Morgan Vondruska

Quality Healthcare Trends of Critical Access Hospitals in the State of Illinois, Julia Call, Rebecca Miedema, and Jennifer Bohner

Does Mother Really Call the Shots?: Rapid in Ovo and in Vitro Metabolism of Testosterone in Bird Eggs, Nicole Campbell

Disparaging Humor, Social Exclusion, and the Power of Allies, Sean Campbell

Wolbachia Infection in Culex Pipiens does not Alter its Performance in Intraspecific Competition or Interspecific Competition with Aedes Albopictus, Cecilia Canizela


Patience and Anxiety: Mindfulness as a Mediator, Robert Cerullo

What are the Current Perceptions of a High School's Teachers Regarding Trauma-Sensitive Practice? What is the Teachers' Perceived Need for Future Training?, Marie Chandler

Cigarette Use Among Students and Staff at ISU Dormitories, Silas Chapman

Job Readiness for At-Risk Youth: A Mixed-Methods Study, Patricia Charczuk

Designing New Oxyfluoride Phosphor Materials with Anti-Perovskite Structures, Justin Chhoeun

Examining the Financial Impact of Employing Portable Ms Systems in Drug Screening at Crime Scenes, Scott Cleary

Does Visuospatial Working Memory Affect Wayfinding Using Two- and Three-Dimensional Maps?, Olivia Cody, Natalie Costigan, and Rachel Millard

Excitation of Electrodynamic Anapole Mode in Nanosphere, Brighton Coe

The Impact of Gender for Mental Health Probation Outcomes, Nick Corpolongo

Evaluation of Biogas Potential for Organic Farms Using a Cartridge Style Anaerobic Digester System, Summer Corsolini

Off-Campus Students' Recycling Habits and Barriers to Recycling, Summer Corsolini

Mechanisms Underlying Changes in Encoding of Neuronal Information by Backward Travelling Action Potentials, Margaret DeMaegd

Performance Variation in Men's Woven Pants Treated with Wrinkle Resistant Finishes, Abby DeWane and Mackenzie Brown

Representation of Aging Women in Fashion and Non-Fashion Advertisements, Abby DeWane, Katie Cavanaugh, Marissa Weuthrich, Emma Walton, Mackenzie Brown, and Claire VanDerGinst


Language and Oppression: A Sociolinguistic Approach to Blues Music, Jaione Diaz Mazquiaran

Will an in-Service Training on Awareness of Compassion Fatigue Increase the Importance of Self-Care amongst Patient-Centered Hospice Staff?, Kaylee Dickson

Correlation between Personality Factors and Motivational Orientations in Circus Performers, Karissa Diller and Lauren Johnson

The Role of Social Workers in Palliative and End-Of-Life Care: What Essential Elements and Skills are Needed?, Lauren DiLorenzo

Exploring the Experience of Women in Sport Leadership and Management, Chrishaya Dixon

Alkyne Combustion: Experimental and Theoretical Studies of Formyl Radical Production, Matthew Drummer

Having Fun with Mindfulness: Engaging the Whole Classroom, Joel Dukett

Young Children's Understanding of Ordinal, Spatial, and Alphabet Labels in a Spatial Search Task, Lauren Fairweather, Cody Heap, Morgan Maydew, Analeese Monla, Kristina Okamura, and Meghan Rogers

Towards an Inter-Source Comparison of Dart-Ms and Psi-Ms for Drug Evidence Processing on Commercial and Portable Systems, William Fatigante

Comparative Study of Vulnerabilities in Lte Cryptographic Algorithm, Nilofer Fatma

Feasibility Study on Implementing Green Technology at the Illinois State University Recreational Center, Shane Felske, Riley Vines, and Andy Agamy

Parenting for Safe and Civil Online Behavior, Jessica Foley and Faith Miller

Are Psychopaths Blameless?, Katie Foree

Microtransactions in Video Games should be Considered Cheating, Katie Foree

College Students Perception of Right-To-Carry On Campus in the United States, Morgan Foster


Invasion of Silky Bush Clover (Lespedeza Cuneata) in Midwest Prairies, Jessica Fowler

School Climate, Hope, and Readiness to Change: A Mediation Model, Ciara Gallo

Parent Involvement and the Parent-Teacher Relationship in Head Start on Child Outcomes, Ciara Gallo, Cristina Prestin-Latham, Leah Delew, and Rachel Flores

Sexual Self-Esteem and Appearance Anxiety as Predictors of Risky Sexual Behavior., Alexis Garza

Barnum and Ethnic Display, Msuur Gasarah

Differential Effects of Reinforcement in Shelter Versus Pet Dogs, Jennifer Gavin and Antonia Berenbaum

Effectiveness of a Jackpot to Decrease Session Time for Discrete Trials in Canines, Jennifer Gavin and Antonia Berenbaum

Separation Anxiety, Attachment, and Sensory Status: Are Deaf Dogs More Attached to Their Human?, Jennifer Gavin, Antonia Berenbaum, Ashley Vazquez, Heather Curcio, Keegan Samolinski, and Sydney Penna

Preventing Pressure Ulcers and Skin Tears: An Evidence-Based Practice Project, Meghan Gingrich, Rebecca Offenback, and Taylor Pohlman

This Bridge Called the Canary Islands: Pedagogical Applications and Implications of Mestiza Theories in a Postcolonial Setting, Cristina González Martín

An Analysis of Higher Education Retention Across Illinois State University Academic Colleges, Michael Goodman

Exploration of Nitrogen-Tethered [5+2] Oxidopyrylium-Alkene Based Cycloadditions, Jake Grabowski


Increasing Social Interactions of High School Students with Developmental Disabilities, Bailey Greenaberg

The Relationship Between Greek Life and Division Iii College Athletics, Jacob Griffith

Trust Me It's Going to be Great: A Media Ecology Analysis of the New Political Campaign, Erik Gustafson

Extrinsic Life Goals' Deleterious Influence on Mental Illness Self-Stigma, Joseph Guzaldo

Debt And Growth: Is There a Magic Threshold for Advanced Economies?, Hamidreza Habibi

Temperature Effects on Chemically Coupled Neurons, Nathaniel Harraman

Bullying and Cyberbullying on College Campuses: An Exploratory Pilot Study, Garett Hawkinson

A Formative Evaluation of Rti/Mtss in Two Illinois Schools, Emily Hellmann

Referred Students' Motivators and Barriers to Participate in an Eimoc Program, Derek Hevel and Lauren Von Schaumburg

Awareness and Prevention of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Victoria Hinckley and Margarita Perez

Perceptions of Serial Killer Status and the Impact of Pop Culture Crime Dramas, Catherine Holesha

Modeling Climate Change Impacts on Water Balance Components of the Mackinaw River Watershed, Central Illinois, Joseph Honings

The Effects of Sex Offender Registration on Youth with Sexually Problematic Behaviors, Megan Hook

Abundance of Microplastics in Freshwater Streams of Rural Areas, Raven Hurt

Comparative Study of Black Currant Production in Russia and Illinois: Best Management Practices, Economic Profitability, and Marketing Strategies., Andrew Jolly

Athletic Identity, Institutional Support Services, and Transition: An Analysis of Student-Athlete Perceptions and Implications, John Kaczorowski

The Role Of Global Governance In Refugee Education: Applied Through Institutional Liberalism And Deweyan Pragmatism, Caroline Kernan

Engagement During Relationship Education and Psychological Functioning for At-Risk Youth, Kayle Kinnear

Effects of Pitch Angle Scattering on Observational Signatures of Nonlinear Charged Particles Dynamics in the Magnetotail, Phillip Kovarik

Advancing the Illinois Renewable Portfolio Standard Goals with Wind Turbine Replacement in Illinois, Bennet Krull, Charlie Reice, and Michael Simpson


The Impact of Parent/Teacher Interactions on Students' Educational Outcomes in Special Education Programs: A Literature Review, Brianna Lanning

The Legality of U.S. Targeted Killing Operations in Yemen, Brent Leombruni

Availability of Quality Engineering Resources and Lessons for a High School Chemistry Classroom, Kyle Lieberum and Bayleigh Mull


Communication in Live Sports Broadcasts: Attributions of Task Performance Errors, Benjamin Lynn

Cold-Inducible Rna-Binding Protein as a Potential Regulator of Gonadal Development in the Red-Eared Slider Turtle, Rosario Marroquin-Flores

Defensive Interactions Between the Parasitic Plant Cuscuta Pentagona and its Host, Timothy Martin

"I'm Not Crazy I Just Need Help": An Assessment of Students' Mental Health Needs in an Alternative Education Setting, LaCrisha McAllister

How can Providers Use Web-Based Platforms to Interface with Clients?, Jillian McGuinness

Influence of Inflatable Anti-Fatigue Mats on Joint Discomfort During Prolonged Standing, Nathaniel McGuire

Effects of an Invasive Parasite on a Coevolved Host-Parasite System: Ascogregarina Barretti and Aedes Triseriatus, Kristina McIntire

Sustainability at ISU, Molly McManus

Skill and Attribute Demands of Agricultural Employers: A Best-Worst Scaling Approach, Joshua McWilliams

Attachment Styles and Life Goals of At-Risk Youth, Barbara Miller